Alarming incident

The abduction of Bedanta Kumar Sinha, an engineer working with National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) from Changlang by the suspected militant is alarming. This is the first such case reported in recent year. NHIDCL is engaged in construction of several major road projects across the state. Kidnapping of engineer working for the central agencies like NHIDCL will badly hurt the progress of these projects. It will also send out a wrong message to rest of the country. Incident like this will discourage the outsiders from coming to Arunachal to serve the people.
The state government in particularly police department should make all out effort to trace the kidnapped engineer at the earliest. It is the duty of police to safely free him and arrest the people involved in such heinous crime. Presence of militancy in certain district along with mushrooming of unions and associations across the state is posing serious threat to the safety and security of the state. None of the private industries is willing to invest in state due to lawlessness. The people of Arunachal especially the members of these so-called unions and associations will have to introspect and ask themselves some tough questions. They are becoming the biggest threat to the future of Arunachal. Also it is matter of deep concern that militancy is still continuing to flourish in the troubled districts of Tirap, Changlang and Longding. There is need to adopt fresh approach to deal with militants operating in the three districts.