GPF for legislation against refugees

ITANAGAR, Oct 12: Galo Peoples’ Front (GPF) has urged the Govt. to pass a legislation in the line of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873 to ensure safety to the life and properties of indigenous people of the state from refugees.
GPF appealed to the Govt. to file a fresh litigation against the NHRC, who, GPF said is hell-bent to settle the refugees in Arunachal which is already overburdened with lack of development and unemployment problem.
Dismissing the roles of the Supreme Court and the NHRC as biased, the GPF argued that the citizenship issue of refugees was the prerogative and privilege of the Central Govt, not of the top Court.
Stating that AAPSU has been fighting for the indigenous rights of tribal people since 1980s, the GPF also urged the apex student body to convene as many Confidence Building Meetings (CBMs) and formulate a mechanism to unite all the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh to create a bigger platform against refugee issue.
It further opined that that at this crucial stage, Chief Minister and MoS (Home) must not isolate the TRP issue.
Expressing scepticism on the proposed visit of ministers to London, the GPF suggested that instead of visiting London at a time when the state is not in a sound financial condition, the legislators should visit places like Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, Khonoma in Nagaland or places in Himachal which are living examples of Swatchcha Bharat Abhiyaan and which can be implemented in villages in Arunachal.