Chindang festival celebrated with traditional fervour, CM greets

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Chief Minister Pema Khandu has greeted the people of the state on the auspicious occasion of Chindang festival of the Sajolang community and hoped that the celebrations will further the message of unity in diversity and the importance of culture in preserving identity.
Greeting members of the Sajolang community of East and West Kameng Khandu in his message said, ‘Every citizen of the state, irrespective of tribe, religion and community join our Sajolang brethrens in celebrating Chindang and seek blessings of the Almighty for peace, prosperity and good health of our people’.
He stated that preservation of traditions and culture is of utmost significance in today’s world as several indigenous tribes in the world have lost their roots and disappeared owing to rapid modernization.
‘We are a unique state with distinct indigenous culture and identity. We have to preserve our identity and proudly pass it on to coming generations,’ Khandu pointed and asserted that the youths have to shoulder the responsibility to preserve and carry forward the age-old tradition and culture. Meanwhile,
Sajolang community of West Kameng district celebrated Chindang festival with traditional fervour at Buddha Stadium here on Oct 13 last.
Greeting the people on the occasion, Advisor to Chief Minister cum former President BJP Arunachal Pradesh, Tai Tagak said that every festival of Arunachal Pradesh is connected with agriculture, environment and nature and appealed to the youth to preserve culture and tradition of your society.
West Kameng Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Sonal Swaroop in her address also stressed the need to preserve culture and tradition.
Earlier, President Sajolang Elite Society, Jhony Miji had read out the history and mythology of Chindang festival. BJP West Kameng district unit President Sambu Siongju, DIG SSB sector Headquarter Bomdila, Sudhir Kumar, Commanding officer 2nd Arunachal Scout, Colonel PJ Dubash, Superintendent of Police, PN Khrimey, Former MLA, RT Khunjuju, former MLA Rinchin Kharu Rijiju and National board member of Textile and Handicraft, Tadar Akap were amongst those who attended the celebrations.