GRK launches river cleaning & conservation programme

ITANAGAR, Oct 15: As part of various social initiatives undertaken by GRK (Gumin Reno Kilaju- A collaboration of Positive Minds for Social Growth) at Basar since its formation in 2012, a river cleaning and conservation programme under its aegis was launched at Basar on Saturday by Lower Siang Deputy Commissioner A K Singh.
The objective of the programme was to create awareness to preserve the dwindling water sources; the rivulets, streams and rivers and to keep the rivers clean.
Water harvesting structures to capture rain water in the form of catch pits to recharge the ground water were dug in the watersheds of all the water sources in the constituent villages along with cleaning of rivers namely Ego, Kidi, Sie, Hingen and Hile.
A pledge was administered by the DC to the huge gathering of people from all villages of Basar constituency and the town to keep the rivers clean and preserved.
While calling upon the people to sustain the movement of river cleaning and conservation, Tomo Basar President GRK requested the Deputy Commissioner Lower Siang to institute an award system at the District level to recognise and honour the best village in terms of river cleanliness and conservation. DC Lower Siang agreed to the proposal.
While highlighting the importance of both cleaning and conservation of rivers, DC assured all possible support to the good works being done by GRK in days to come.
He appealed to all Gaon Burahs to play pro-active roles in all such endeavours which may benefit the society at large. DFO Aalo contributed to plantation programme along with the river cleaning and conservation programme. SP Lower Siang and all the senior officers in the District participated in the programme.