Regarding 10,000 MW Siang Dam Project stage-II

Dear Editor,
Acceptance of 10,000 MW Siang Dam Project Stage-II will be a major mistake of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh as we are emotionally attached to our land, forest, mountains, rivers, animals and birds. We are the destroyer as well as protector of the same. We are nature loving people and love our surroundings.
As per as Siang Mega Dam is concerned, 90 percent of Siang district, some parts of West Siang, East Siang and Upper Siang district will submerged and displace uncountable inhabitant from these areas.
The burning topic of these days i.e., Chakma and Hajong Refugees, they also are neither political asylum seekers nor they are war victim but are displaced people due to the construction of Kaptai Dam at Rangamati district of Bangladesh. Kaptai hydroelectric project is very small in comparison to Siang Mega Dam Project. It has only 230 mw power generation capacity with 45.7 m height but this submerged 655 acres of land area including 220 cultivable land area and displaced 18,000 families and 1,00,000 tribal people of which 70 percent of them were Chakmas which take refuge in our North-Eastern states.
If our Government accepts NITI Aayog’s proposal of10, 000 mw with 300 m high Dam in Siang River, no one knows how many people will be displaced and how many possessions will be submerged. Because of this, generation to generation our people will face what Chakma and Hajongs are facing now for their nationality.
Therefore, our Government should not take any hasty decision regarding this issue by seeing the huge amount of money offer by NITI Aayog for compensation and revenue to the government. Today, we can get crores of money in hand but that cannot accommodate our generations to come.
Tami Pangu
Siang District