ACF against DIFCA

Dear Editor,
I am a Christian by birth but I would like to express my dismay over the demands of Arunachal Christian Forums (ACF) against the creation of Department for Indigenous faith and cultural affairs(DIFCA). The demand made by Arunachal Christian forum (ACF) to the government for rolling back its decision against the creation of Department for Indigenous faith and cultural affairs(DIFCA) is totally absurd and uncalled, the ACF being an esteemed organization of Christians should stop misleading the believers as it may create chaos and tensions. I being a Christian don’t find any logic behind the ACFs concern over the creation of DIFCA. Before Christian I am an indigenous people of this state first and any steps towards the interest of indigenous people should appreciate it. When the Govt. is taking up steps to promote and preserve the Indigenous faith and culture which is on verge of extinction every Arunachalee should welcome it irrespective of the religion one follows. Why to shy away from the fact that our Church leaders are engaged in forceful conversion from indigenous religion to Christians in rural areas, which is against the very ethos of democracy and secularism. Some of the Denominations of Christians have gone upto that extent that, they have even set target to convert whole Arunachalee into Christianity within stipulated time period, which poses threat against the indigenous faith and cultures of the states. Our people easily get fooled by so called intellectual and leaders of Christians.
I would like to request our Church leaders to refrain from making such ridiculous demands which has nothing to do with Christianity and stop defaming our religion. Our Christ almighty doesn’t need ACF to come for rescue, remember Christian is not the only religion in our state, when others aren’t not opposing it why ACF alone sees problem in it? It seems the ACF conceives ill intentions or else creation of DIFCA would never have been opposed.
Tadar Kaming
Student, RGU