In absence of electricity

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw the attention of power department, Itanagar regarding absence of electricity at D-Sector, Itanagar for 4 days. Since the inception of Golden Jubilee celebration of AAPSU at IG Park, there is no electricity at D-Sector Itanagar.
Students are having their examinations, assignments and many of the students are facing problems due to unavailability of electricity in the sector. It’s been 3 years since I have been at D-Sector and I observe that whenever there is any function at IG park, there is absence of electricity in the sector. What is the reason behind it? Are the electricity being diverting to the functions at IG park?
If that is the case, than the department have to answer to the general public for what legal reason the power is being diverted from D sector, Itanagar.
Pombu Heto Kamlo