CAG exposes 2015-2016 financial mess of Arunachal

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: The Comptroller and Auditor General’s report for the year ended 2016 has been tabled on the second day of the five days state legislative assembly on Saturday.
In its Financial Reporting, CAG report says that compliance to rules, procedures and directives of the State Government was unsatisfactory, as evident from the delay in furnishing Utilization Certificates for grants given to/by Government Departments.
During the year 2015-16, the government resorted to normal and special Ways and Means Advances and Overdrafts from RBI totaling to 28 days.
The State Government could not fulfill its commitment made in the Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates for incurring Capital Expenditure during the year, as the expenditure fell short of the Budget estimates Rs 2865.97 crore by 30.45 per cent and Revised Estimates Rs 2554.01 crore by 21.92 per cent.
During 2015-16, the employee’s contribution towards National Pension Scheme had been directly uploaded to NSDL. Further, out of the Government share of Rs 15.51 crore booked, an amount of Rs 6.98 crore was only uploaded directly to NSDL.
The- State Government intimated that the balance fund could not be transferred due to procedural delay.
During 2011-16, the average return on investment was ‘Nil’, while the Government paid interest at an average rate of 6.35 to 7.52 per cent on its borrowings during the period. Out of Rs 9.00 crore invested in five government companies, Rs 7.97 crore was invested in three loss making companies, which had accumulated loss of Rs 26.66 crore. Up to date working results of four government companies and all the Co-operative societies had not been intimated as on October 2016.
There were instances of inadequate provision of funds, expenditure without provision, unnecessary, excessive and inadequate re- appropriations. In many cases, anticipated savings were not surrendered, leaving no scope for utilizing the fund for other development purposes. DCC bills were not submitted for a large amount of advances drawn on AC Bills, it noted.
The major departments with large pendency of amount-wise were Elementary Education, Health and Family Welfare and Panchayat. The large pendency in submission of Utilization Certificates indicates lack of monitoring of utilization of grants and loans by the departments as it cannot be ensured that expenditure has actually been incurred for the purpose for which it was given, it said.
Delay in furnishing of Utilization Certificates for grants given to/by Departments is a major area of concern, the report notes. At the end of March 2016, 138 UCs were pending for submission. Delays and non-submission of Accounts by various autonomous bodies indicates non-compliance with financial rules and weakness in accountability arrangements within the organizations, it said. Regarding losses and misappropriation, the information was still awaited from the Finance Department, which is indicative of the fact that compliance of the State Government to various rules, procedures and directives was not satisfactory, the report adds.
The Annual Accounts of 25 Autonomous Bodies/Authorities due up to 2015-16 have still not been received by the Accountant General as on November 2016.
Out of 25 Bodies/Authorities annual accounts of Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Marketing Board, Ram Krishna Mission, Aalo and Ram Krishna Mission, Khonsa were outstanding for more than nine years.