Allocate money for all religions

Dear Editor,
Apropos to the Article “ACF AGANSIT DIFCA” of 16th October 2017 by one Tadar Kaming.
The gentleman who claimed to be Christian and do not know the impact of creation of Department of Indigenous faith and cultural Affairs is totally ironical.
Firstly, Christian community feels that promotion of particular religion by any elected government is totally unconstitutional and biased which in fact has happened for the first time in Arunachal Pradesh under the leadership of Honourable Chief Minister Pema Khandu.
Secondly, another separate department cannot be created as the department of Art and Culture is already meeting the needs of the indigenous community.
Thirdly, there is a vast difference between faith and culture. Faith is something subjective that cannot be promoted and funded by an elected government in the democracy. The structure of the DIFCA says that Rs Five crores will be allocated per annum to promote the indigenous faith.
In a democratic setup, the government cannot be partial. If it is so the government should allocate Rs 5 crores equally to all religion professed in the state.
Therefore, I am of the opinion that the government should reconsider and roll back the recently approved Department of Indigenous faith and Cultural affairs to maintain the social fabric.
Christian man