Indigenous faith group appeals ACF to withdraw demand

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: The Rangfraa Faith Promotion Society (RFPS) appealed to the Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) not to oppose the creation of the Department of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Affairs (DIFCA), stating that the department will keep the culture and identity of the people of the state intact.
The DIFCA is a long felt demand of all the indigenous faith groups, which has been ultimately fulfilled by the Chief Minister and his Government, the RFPS stated in a press release.
“We, the people of the state should rather appreciate and welcome the present government for taking such a wise decision because this department will ensure that the culture and identity of the people of the state remains intact, so ACF is not supposed to oppose it,” it said.
The ACF is demanding the government to rollback its decision to create DIFCA, saying that it violates Article 27 of the Indian Constitution.
Describing AFC’s demand as very unfortunate, the RFPS clarified that “the indigenous faith, which has been passed down through generations and practiced since time immemorial, cannot be equated with ‘religion.’ This is why the Ministry of Minority Affairs did not include the Indigenous Faith believers in the Religious Minority groups. Therefore, the question of violating Article 27 does not arise”, the release said.
Appealing to the ACF to withdraw its demand, the RFPS further appealed it to refrain from spreading such ‘misleading’ information in future so that the peace and tranquillity of the state is not disturbed.