Org opposes expensive foreign tour by MLAs, ministers

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: The Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Andolan Committee (APACAC) strongly opposed the reported expensive exposure tour of foreign country by the parliamentary secretaries and ministers in the name of learning something new in abroad at the expense of the state exchequer.
Objecting to the proposed foreign tour of 27 MLAs (including ministers and parliamentary secretaries) of the state for the purpose of learning e-governance, the APACAC demanded immediate cancellation of the scheduled expensive foreign tour.
It said that the tour, in no way, will be helpful in the development of the state other than causing huge loss to the state exchequer.
Stating that it will not compromise with any corrupt practices by the authority or individuals, the APACAC demanded that no candidate should be recruited against any job without following the recruitment rules.
It also asked those persons, who are using fake certificates to seek government job to stop doing so voluntarily.