Crackers and pollution

Dear Editor,
Many a times during any sorts of festival or occasion in our country, the celebration goes way over and out of the limit, specifically in the case of our state.
Take for example the festival of lights, Diwali. The fireworks start taking place weeks ahead of the actual day. Then there’s noise pollution and air pollution, resulting in many health hazards. The contamination of the atmosphere with the cracker powder makes it hard to even breathe. It also messes up the eyes and the sight and the sound scares the wits out of animals and human babies alike.
And just like the way it starts, fireworks don’t stop until the whole month ends. More so, it becomes sort of a showing off the riches on how much fireworks a household can burn.
Even with so much televised promotion for pollution free diwali, the saga of going at and against the law continues.
With the Supreme Court passing the order for cracker free diwali in Delhi and the Government of Himachal Pradesh applying restrictions on fireworks after 10:00pm, I would like to make a sincere request to my fellow citizens to have some understanding of the situation and try to comply along with it.
Yasum D.