Seeking justice

Dear Editor,
I want to request the state government for high level inquiry to the murder case that occurred on Oct 15 at around 3.30 PM in Wakro area of Lohit District.
The deceased Soleng Chikro, PI Wakro, EAC Office was returning home by scooty from cultivating field, which is around 6km away from Wakro when he was hit by one of unknown car.
After around one hour, he was found by others on road with damaged scooty, in wounded and unconscious condition.
The people informed the family members and immediately took him to Sanjivanee hospital, Dibrugarh which is around 150 KM away from Wakro.
Operations and every possible treatment were done but they could not save his life and he breathed his last on Oct 19.
The doctor of Sanjivane hospital declared that it was not a simple accident but the deceased was badly hit by rods due to which internal organs were all damaged.
A white color Scorpio was seen by the nearby villagers.
Two check posts are there in the area but still police could not identify the culprits.
I want that the culprit is identified and punished for such brutality. So, I request the government to set up an enquiry on this case immediately as soon as possible to get justice.
Yuhey Chikro
Nephew of Late Soleng Chikro