Untapped wisdom

Dear Editor,
India is certainly a secular country, if it wasn’t no other religions besides what the nation’s vernacular name says, would have flourished. The major religions of the world like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism etc are knitted as a global unit. They are honoured financially or in kinds as and when feasible depending on case to case scenario as their followers are in great numbers spread across the globe.
However, in stark contrast, our indigenous faith and traditional culture is concentrated to few pockets in Arunachal Pradesh that also is reducing at a very fast rate. If our own brothers, our own blood will not come for rescue then who will come? It is never a case of who will win or lose or garner more supporters etc., it is just a plain case of saving our own identity from vanishing forever from the face of earth. With every death of elderly person, we are losing scores of valuable indigenous as well as other practical knowledge. If not documented properly and scientifically and also in war footing, just like ‘time’ those untapped wisdom will be gone forever.
Siyang Borang