Indian culture

Dear Editor,
Kudos to Arunachal Times for its editorial titled “Concentrate on governance”(October 19).
Final verdict has been delivered in the “Supreme Court” of self-declared guardians of “nationalism” and “patriotism”! Taj Mahal has got convicted of three unpardonable crimes:–
1) It’s a blot on Indian culture!
2) It has been built by traitors!
3) It’s a symbol of tyranny!
Right, very right!
Yes, Shahjahan/ Mughals/ Muslims have no right to corrupt Indian culture!
Indian culture is the sole preserve of Hindus — specially of “upper castes” and Hindi-speakers!
Patriots are those who prohibit Dalits from attaining minimum basic rights! The child Baba Saheb Ambedkar had to sit outside the classroom to hear lectures of teachers as being an “outcaste” he was not entitled to enter it! Just a couple of years ago when “elite”India had already started basking in the “glory” of attaining Mars orbit; a Rajasthan crematorium had refused to perform the last rites of a dead person as he was a Dalit! After all that crematorium was “reserved” for the dead bodies of “high caste” only! Oh my Indian culture! How great you are! No mercy to even a dead person also! There exists no equality even in crematorium also! So “liberal” we Indians are!
Ambedkar is recently being promoted by the self-declared guardians of Hindus and “nationalism”! Do these “patriots” know that Ambedkar had described Hinduism as chambers of horror!
As if character-assassination of the “traitors” are not enough, we have also come to know that Taj Mahal was originally a Hindu temple! Perhaps just like Babri Masjid which “stood upon a Ram Temple”! Will history get repeated and the whole world will watch in horror how the “patriots” and “brave” youth brigade of India can climb atop the domes and demolish the Taj!
“Mighty” India of “mass Yoga on streets” ranking 100 among 119 nations in Global Hunger Index! Millions of God-resembling children toiling as bonded labour! Their female counterparts turning victims of trafficking and landing up in brothels! Despite being treated or tortured as slaves, people of “elite” India are flocking to the Gulf countries so as to escape drastic poverty in home!
Millions and billions of burning problems. Yet far from solving it; it is Hindi imposition-Hindutva-Gomata- Statue-Flags-Bullet trains-Saraswati “rediscovery” project all the way! And barbaric direct and indirect attacks against certain communities by invoking Mughals or Taj! Absolute innocents getting murdered or ruthlessly beaten up on the allegation of possessing a mere food item or smuggling cattle! Who are these people to dictate what one will eat or not in this multi-religious secular democratic heterogeneous nation?
If this is called Indian culture, if these people are the “true sons of India” and their acts and comments are “symbol of humanity”; then perhaps God will also fail to save India, it’s people and culture from meeting their doom!
Kajal Chatterjee,