RGUSU intensifies demand for open tendering for quality work

RONO HILLS, Oct 23: Alleging anomalies in the construction activities of RGU, the Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU) on Monday reiterated its demand for initiation of open tendering and streamlining of all the construction activities in the University.
This was conveyed in a meeting held in its Union office at RGU, which was chaired by RGUSU General Secretary Vikash Dada.
This comes after the serious altercation between the RGUSU members and the RGU Contractors’ Welfare Association regarding the cracked and damaged buildings, which started three months back.
The RGUSU had alleged that the work orders are being awarded unscrupulously only to the local inhabitants of Doimukh without following any basic procedures approved by the CPWD. Hence, the quality being manipulated, which is a huge attribution to the pathetic infrastructure of the University.
The RGUSU has expressed resentment over the indiscreet attitude of the University authority on the issue. Despite the directives from the former Governor of the state to the Vice Chancellor of RGU for materializing the process of open or e-tendering to invite global participation in the only Central University of the state, the University authority is yet to take any steps to carry out the action.
The Union, classifying the whole situation as a serious case of public offence, said that it is a ‘mismanagement of public fund and property’. Such anomalies are not expected in the highest place of learning in the state, it rued.
Insisting the University authority to expedite the matter, Union’s General Secretary Dada said that this practice of corruption is only possible because the contractors are being aided and promoted. Intensifying the Union’s stand, he said that the union is in talks with the secretary to MHRD and that very soon they will be heading for Delhi to address their demands in the Union Minister’s office.
On being questioned about the statement given by one Yowa Jyoti, in local dailies, who is also the President of RGUCWA, wherein Jyoti stated that CPWD norms are maintained while awarding works in the University and that the allegations made by the RGUSU are ‘baseless’, the RGUSU General Secretary said that there cannot be any such organizations governing in an institute to execute the works.
The work has to be carried out according to CPWD guidelines, he said, adding that tender should be floated and there should be an essence of equal participation from the global level too.
Contradicting the EE, RGU’s clarification that the cracks and water seepages have developed because the buildings are partially completed, Dada also disclosed that such phenomenon has been found in the newly completed two-story buildings like Department of Chemistry, Physics and Panyor Halls of Residence as well.
The RGU General Secretary further informed that RTI reports are also not being furnished by the University administration, even after two months have elapsed.
“Is it not a threat to the right to acquire information”, he questioned, informing that they have already filed the first appellate form in this regard.
Meanwhile, supplementing their stand, Vice President Kulenso Pul said that they would not rest till their demands are met. Terming cracked buildings as a serious threat to life of students and teachers, he questioned, “Who will be held responsible if any untoward incident happens in the future? The buildings may collapse one day as there are many structural damages as well”.
“RGUSU is not going to tolerate this”, he said, informing further that they may go for a mass protest in the campus if needed.