APPSC and RGU exams

Dear Editor,
APPSC has announced the exam dates for prelims just a month before the exams when RGU has got semester exams on December leaving them in a precarious situation as both the exams are almost coinciding and it’s no mean task for any serious candidate when two exams are within a week of each other.
If at all the prelims were to be held in November, they should have published the notice at least 2-3 months before the prelims if not earlier. No other state public service commission has the unpredictability of our APPSC not even the UPSC as the exam dates are mentioned one year in advance, giving everyone a level playing field.
Many students have just started preparing for the semester exams thinking the prelims are at least 2-3 months away if not more, so it’s really unfair to them.
So, I request the concerned authorities and APPSC board to kindly consider the grievances and postpone the exam atleast to January last week so that the university going candidates have a month after semester exams to prepare for the prelims.
Your kind gesture will help hundreds of candidates to compete fairly.
Concerned candidate
Rono Hills