DTFI chalks out strategy for 2nd round IMI

YUPIA, Oct 24: The DTFI in its review meeting on first round of Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) has chalked out a strategy for 2nd round IMI in Papum Pare district, and stressed on block level proper communication plan for grand success of IMI.
DRCHO Dr J Ado gave a power point presentation on the various aspects of IMI first round of the district. Emphasizing on making correct micro plan and a correct head count, he urged all the MOs in-charge to give top priority to the ASHA incentives and to make pending payments as the funds for the same have been already transferred into the respective accounts.
WHO SMO, Dr Tage Taka gave a comprehensive feedback on the first round of IMI of the district. He exhorted for proper and correct household survey and proper documentation, with emphasis on seal and signature of the MO in-charge on the micro plan and report.
Speaking on the community process components, District Community Mobilizer, Namgey T Thungon asked all the block community mobilizers to take up the responsibility of making ASHA payments on time.
Speaking on the poor performance of the BDMs on RCH uploading, especially the village profile, DPM, Dugyir A Padu asked all the BDMs to complete the entry of village profile within one week’s time.
Stressing on cleanliness in the health facilities and dedication of health staff, Papum Pare DMO, Dr T Kampu directed all the MOs to inform about non-performing ASHAs to the district ASHA Nodal Officer or the DMO herself.
Acknowledging the performance and hard work of all MOs in-charge and other supporting staff during first round of IMI, SDO (Sadar) Tabang Bodung emphasized on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in every health facility.
He urged the data handlers to give correct reports so that the performance of the district may be correctly highlighted in the state. Papum Pare being the capital district needs to be more pro-active in every sphere and especially in implementing the central government programmes, he said.