Conduct prelims as per the schedule

Dear Editor,
First of all, kudos to APPSC for declaring the Date of Prelims exam 2017; this in reference to letter in reader’s forum titled “APPSC and RGU exams” dated 25th Oct’17. I don’t understand what the so called (self certified) serious candidates were doing during this 6(six) months ever since the publication of the notification. The commission has provided enough time to the candidates; this should have been enough for completing the entire syllabus of both semester and the APPSC Prelims. They should not blame the commission for their own assumptions which let them “thinking the prelims are at least 2-3 months away” (quote).
The timing is perfect if the commission is seriously considering completing the exam with a year from the publication of the notification. It is scrupulous on the part of some candidates to always ask for extension. Before requesting they should also consider the plight of the thousands of candidates who are preparing since years keeping many things at stake- their job and even academics.
The delay of six month was long enough. Further, such claims if entertained would have multiplier effects. There will always be some or the other exam for some people. The commission should not heed to such unqualified claims and must conduct the exam as per the given schedule.
Ritalin, Guwahati