Candidates in dilemma

Dear Editor,
By fixing the date of APPSCCE-2017 PRELIMS on 26/11/2017, APPSC has once again proved how ill considerate their actions can be. By doing so they have left the candidates in a dilemma whether to write APPSCCE prelims 2017 or CAT 2017 since the latter falls on the same date too. Almost every competitive exam has their fixed examination calendar and they adhere by it. Unprofessionalism in APPSC has made it lag behind its counterparts. Updates from APPSC spread more by rumors rather than concrete news. APPSCCE should have given at least 2 months time for candidates to start their full fledged preparation.
I request the concerned authorities in APPSC to find a more reasonable date to conduct the prelims examination while taking other factors into consideration too.
A worried candidate