Missing photo

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw your concern towards the carelessness of the APPSC. Many aspirants of APPSCCE including me studied hard and put all our efforts so that we can give our best shot. But some of us had been disappointed the Commission. Recently the list of eligible candidates have been listed out and to my shock, my name wasn’t there.
So, I went to the dept for the enquiry and there I have been told that my form have been rejected because I didn’t attach my photo.
But as far I remember I did attaché my photo and did all the needful requirements as per norms. I don’t understand how would one can forget to attach the photo which is one of the most important and visible part of the form.
I do respect the work of each staff of the department but yet it is clearly their fault. I just wanted to bring out the matter to everyone’s knowledge. I hope this article brings positive result and the respected staffs do better next time.