Include Bokar, Ramo and Boh in State museum

Dear Editor,
It is my humble request to the state government, department of directorate of research to install the details of Bokar , Ramo & Boh (Lingbo ) of Adi tribe of Mechukha subdivision at state museum so that rest of state can know about our tribe.
There is no information about our tribe at state museum though details of the rest of tribal have been nicely given there. I feel our tribe is being neglected by the state government, though state museum was opened at 1990.
When I first visited the state museum in 2011, I was looking for statue of my own tribe but unfortunately there was no such statue.
After 6 years, I visited the state museum again hoping that this time state government had installed the details of our tribe but unfortunately the state government has not though the building was upgraded with paints and tiles.
It is my humble request to the state government to upgrade the information of tribes instead of upgrading building.
Lastly, I request the local MLA of mechukha subdivision to look into the matter.
Pasang Pujen,