IG park events are harassment for all

Dear Editor,
Most of the students will agree that the continuous events happening at IG Park has affected us and our daily routine of study. The music that was being played can no longer be called as music it was just loud noise causing agony to the listeners. It was not at all pleasant to hear.
Us students already think of study as a burden and find it hard to concentrate and these events had made it worse.
I have never heard of organization of education related events in such a grand manner with people participating in large numbers and with the same enthusiasm.
Ruth Miti Saroh,
Don Bosco College


Dear Editor,
I want to convey to the organizers of various programs in IG Park that it’s total harassment for the people residing near by the park.
It’s crucial time for students who are appearing for various exams-NET, semester exam is coming and most importantly APCS prelims exam is on 26 November.
Your programs are nowhere helping us. Loud music and screaming of anchor cause us constant headaches, sleepless nights and our eardrums hurt now.
We are forced audiences who have no other option but to listen.
I would like to suggest all the organisers to please book big auditorium and enjoy your programs in close door and let us live in peace.
Authority, please take necessary action for this problem.
ESS SECTOR, Itanagar


Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to highlight a very serious problem that the residents of the adjoining areas of IG Park, especially the C-2 sector are facing.
I would directly like to address the event organiser of the Abotani Clan Organisation and the District Authority of the capital city.
Since the last 6 days, just in the name of the Abotani Clan Foundation Day, ATCO has been causing huge commotion and noise menace greatly affecting the helpless residents of the C-2 sector and its adjoining areas with the loudest possible noise. It’s because of them that we could not sleep before 11 PM and up to 7 AM for the whole week.
We could not even study for the important examinations that are scheduled in the next months only due to their noisy loud speakers, buzzing all day and evening long, literally, with the loudest possible decibel.
I don’t question the very purpose and meaning of the Organisation and its event rather I strongly condemn its way of organising it. There was absolutely no need of playing music to the highest capacities while they could have played it at the optimum volume level keeping in mind the long duration of their event and the compact settlements around the park. Moreover, they could’ve used those numerous big speakers only during the cultural show in the evening. Was it really very necessary to play loud hip-hop numbers at 7 AM till evening which forced all the residents out of the bed? As if these were not enough, somebody was always there at the microphone between those sessions of loud music all day long.
If they were to announce something important, then at least, they could have adjusted the volume high enough for the delegates to hear. The whole Itanagar need not listen to those announcements. It’s really very unlikely for a great organisation like ATCO not to even have a basic concern for the city especially while organising a week-long event.
Next time, when they organise such events, they are advised and expected to be more sensible and concerned to uphold the very virtues and values of the Organisation itself.
Now, before they talk about the liberty to conduct events in public places, let me be clear about this. If they have the liberty to organise events to play music at the loudest possible levels, then we, the residents of the adjoining colonies also have the liberty to have peaceful mornings and evenings. We also have the liberty to be free from those unwanted noises that too for the whole 7 days. Believe me, almost every evening we had either to put ear plugs or play white noises just to avoid those extremely loud noises and concentrate on our works.
We can’t approach the event organisers, as it is very unlikely that they will understand the noise issue but rather may risk unnecessary altercations instead.
Therefore, unless the District administration interferes and does something concrete, this annoying problem of noise pollution is never going to be sorted out.
Being a civilised society, we need quality and healthy living space. Such unregulated noisy events at the very heart of the compact city really are a nightmare for the residents of the adjoining areas especially when those events drag on for days. Any kind of events that need more than 2 consecutive days should be made to arrange outside the township area. The IG Park, which is supposed to be green and tidy and to serve as the only place in this clustered city for jogging and relaxation, is slowly turning into a slum of plastic garbage and loud noises, all thanks to those numerous unregulated events.
The authorities should also ensure that in case of such events involving high attendance, proper hygienic toilets are installed to avoid open defecations in the park.
Moreover, it should be ensured that the organisers clean up all the garbage after the completion of the event.
Unless we start caring for the only park we have in the city, the day is not far for this park to become another unhealthy dumping ground. As the winter is approaching, there will be many more of such events of different kinds.
In this regard, I have high expectations and hope that the District Authority will regulate the permitted timings and noise levels of such events so that nobody is left to the mercy of these organisers anymore. Noise pollution is unseen but one of the most annoying and destructive menace ever.
A really frustrated and concerned resident