Thai meditation masters arrive in Golden Pagoda

TENGAPANI/NOI-CHEYNAM, Nov 3: Ven Dhammadipo and Ven Saddhadiko, two Thai meditation masters arrived at the Golden Pagoda on the occasion of the 7th Kathina Civara Dana ceremony coinciding with the auspicious full moon day.
The two monks, who have arrived with a delegation of 17 devotees, are masters in a form of mind training meditation, a Thai concept of meditation, and are from the Ban Wang Muang, a privately owned Dhamma and mind training development centre in honour of His Majesty, the King of Thailand.
As part of the Kathina Civara Dana, the holy relics of Lord Buddha which arrived earlier on Monday, Patesas (money trees) and an image of the Buddha were taken out in a procession in the pagoda premises. The Buddha image had been consecrated by Laong Boonprasert from Thailand.
Later, the devotees assembled at the Ho-Maan Taap (Cultural Hall) and paid their veneration to the venerable monks and consecrated the Civaras (monk robes).
Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein appreciated the Thai delegation for coming over to the Golden Pagoda for the second year in a row to participate in the Kathina Civara Dana ceremony of the Golden Pagoda Monastery.
He said that the gesture would go a long way in strengthening the cultural and spiritual bonding between the people here and that of Thailand. He also said that Golden Pagoda was a social asset and it should serve as a platform for the spiritual development.
On the occasion, former minister C C Singpho also joined in the offering of prayers and robes.
The Tai Khamti Heritage and Literature Society also performed traditional dances during the evening, followed by release of wish balloons.