Sacrifice in vain

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the editorial titled “Sacrifice in vain”(November 10).
As if death of more than 100 unfortunate souls in bank queues and hospitals, following denial of treatment due to lack of “legal” cash were not scandalous enough thanks to that callous heartless decision before ensuring minimum infrastructure, even 1.5 million jobs have also got vanished within a year!
Not to forget 99% of RBI-issued notes, practically rendered “Black” overnight, getting returned to banks!
Indeed what a “mighty crusade” to flush out black money, that too at such an irreparable humanitarian cost!
And only utter fools and blind admirers of BJP and Narendra Modi could have rejoiced over that “boldest decision in independent India”! Was any technology or magic embedded in the new notes that it could not be converted into black money or counterfeited? How can terrorists be thwarted by minting new currency? Are the blind admirers of “Good Days”, bent on declaring demonetisation a great “success story”, mean to say that at last the Indian soil has got rid of even the last trace of black money, counterfeit notes and terrorists! Far from ensuring any benefit, apart from the plastic card companies who are all laughing all the way to the bank, India, already in the grasp of that draconian ill named unemployment, has witnessed drastic cut of job, especially in unorganized sector and loss of crops driving innumerable hapless farmers to end their lives.
And to “prove” the “support of people” towards demonetisation, the biased “pundits” ridiculously point out “thunderous” victories in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Assembly election! But they cleverly “forget” the scandalous loss of BJP and its partner in Punjab despite presiding over the state Government! And though the Government of “party with the difference” has been formed in Goa and Manipur through the backdoor by indulging in shrewd political games; still the fact remains that in both these states, Modi’s BJP had bagged fewer seats than Rahul Gandhi’s Congress! So instead of taking refuge in “Head I Win, Tail You Lose” hypocrite syndrome, they should also admit the opposition of the electorate in Punjab-Goa-Manipur towards the monetary “revolution” undertaken by the Central regime if the electoral success in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand get projected as a “referendum in favour of demonetisation”! Moreover if drastic loss of BJP in Delhi and Bihar Assembly elections get pooh-poohed as mere “regional issue”, then by which logical yardstick can “thunderous” victories in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand be declared as a “national” referendum of sorts in favour of Modi-regime and its policies like demo-netisation?
Kajal Chatterjee,