Archaic exam pattern

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the authorities concerned and readers regarding recruitment process in our state especially in the C and D grade exams.
As we all know that APPSC, APTET, SLET follow the central exams pattern i.e. UPSC,CTET and NET. But it is really dejecting to see that in our state C & D grade exams are still following the archaic or bulky patterns, such as separate paper for Maths, General Knowledge and English instead of having one standard set of paper comprising of Arithmetic, English, Reasoning and General Studies like that of SSC or any other central exams.
In our state with this existing outdated pattern of exams, one who do not have mastery over mathematics are being marginalized by the government in recruitment process even after expertise in other fields of the studies.
Knowledge of mathematics is of profound value but it shouldn’t be a barrier for employment opportunities especially for the students from the humanities or Arts background.
If things will go on like this then there will be more and more students’ unions in our state and rest of the unemployed youths will be seen in their remote villages toiling for their daily bread.
Yiri Kamcham
New Delhi