Missing Arunachal man reunited with wife in Vellore

[ Nellie N Manpoong ]
ITANAGAR, Nov 25: Karto Riba, who was missing since November 20 has finally been reunited with his wife in Vellore on Saturday, at around 9.30 am, after a local auto driver helped him in the Katpadi Junction Railway Station.
According to the family, the unidentified auto driver drove him near the colony where Karto’s wife, Munni Riba is currently residing. A local rent-house broker, Vijay, who had helped Munni with her lodging in Vellore, recognised Karto and reunited the two.
Speaking to The Arunachal Times, Karto’s daughter, Tode informed that her father is safe, but is traumatised and does not remember much of anything that took place during the last four days.
Karto reportedly has several bumps and bruises on his body, and has lost all of his belongings and cash, except for his ATM card and a few other documents in his wallet.
Munni and her family are awaiting Karto’s recovery to enquire about the events that took place between November 20 and 25. He is also expected to undergo treatment soon.
Meanwhile, Munni, Tode and the entire family of Karto have thanked everyone involved in his search and for supporting the family through the troubled time.
“I wish I could thank everyone individually for helping in my father’s search. I am grateful to everyone in Arunachal and Vellore who supported us”, she added.