Chingi declared a model village

BOMDILA, Nov 26: Legislative Assembly Speaker, T N Thongdok has declared Chingi village under Kalaktang administrative unit as a “model village”, in accordance with the government directives, on Saturday.
Reportedly, of all the villages under Kalaktang administrative unit, Chingi happens to be the least developed in terms of communication and other essential services.
This was also one of the prime reasons for being selected as a model village, informed the DIPRO.
With its selection as a model village, the people of Chingi are optimistic of the various developments which come with the package.
Farmers, who are mainly oriented towards tomato cultivation, and rest of the Chingians now believe that with the improvement in road connectivity, water supply and electrification, the economy of the area would witness a boom in the coming days.
In order to facilitate tomato cultivation on a larger scale in the area, the Speaker has also assured to provide a new road of over four kilometres in length and requisite funding, but with a ceiling of 20 lakh for a kilometre each. (DIPRO)