Apang mourns death of former CMO staff member

ITANAGAR, Nov 28: Budhan Mahato, a former employee of the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), passed away Monday evening.
Mahato was admitted to Rama Krishna Mission Hospital, following a brief illness.
He left behind two sons and five daughters.
Mahato served as Peon in the CMO as well as the Chief Minister’s Residential Bungalow Office and retired in 2008.
Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang expressed profound grief over Mahato’s demise.
“He was an honest and committed government servant and dedicated his full time to the service of the state in the CMO during my tenure as Chief Minister,” said Apang.
Mahato was also very much associated and emotionally attached to my family and was like a family member, said the former Chief Minister.
“I was beside him at Rama Krishna Mission Hospital the moment, when he was drawing his last breathes”, Apang said.
Describing it a rare moment for him to be with Mahato during his last journey, Apang said he will always cherish Mahato’s fond memories.
In a message to his son, Dr Joginder Mahato, Apang, on behalf of his family members, conveyed deep condolence to the bereaved family members.
May the almighty rest his departed soul in eternal peace and bestow enough courage and strength to the family members to withstand the tragedy, the message said.
The members of C-II Sector Welfare Committee also deeply mourned the demise of Mahato.
He was a sincere government servant, a fine gentleman and a good father; they said and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.