Errors in APCS exam

Dear Editor,
I am still unable to overcome the shock of 26th November 2017,APPSCCE.
I am writing this letter with deep disregard and anger against the so called Watchdog of the merit system.
Time and again, the commission has been deliberately making unforgivable and inconsiderable mistakes, many might disagree but my opinion is of that, it has already lost its dignity as the apex authority to conduct the toughest examination of the state not because the system has failed but because the operators has failed.
The recent paper was of no standard especially geography. even non-geography optional aspirants were able to solve at least 60-70 questions. while the paper for Sociology was full of errors not only errors but it was shocking to see question from Plato’s book (who Was a philosopher not a sociologist) “Republic” which was published around 380 B.C(SET A-QS.no70,71,72,73) ,while sociology as a Discipline emerged only during 19th century ; Aristotle(384-322 BC) was another such error; another error was from
‘SCHOLASTICSM’, or SCHOLASTIC PHILOSOPHYwhich is a medieval school of philosophy ( to be more precise this discipline teaches “METHOD of LEARNING” includes Logic ,Metaphysics and Semantics,) , two questions were asked from this topic(SET A- Qs no.74 and 75): another error was QS.51 where all the options were wrong, the right answer was DURKHEIM but it was nowhere in the option; another one was Qs.125 which was from the topic “Research and methodology” which is of mains topic not of prelims; and yet another major and deliberate mistake was from SET-A QS 114 to 119 and QS.no125 which were directly copy pasted from BA 3rd year , MAULANA AZAD COLLEGE, AURANGABAD, MAHARASHTRA (, there were 7 question picked up and copy pasted from it directly with the exact same options, not only that, the paper setter was so dump and lazy that he/she didn’t even bother to change the serially ordered pattern. this doesn’t end here ,most of the questionbased on ‘statements and definitions’ were DIRECTLY picked up and copy pasted from a site ‘www.sociology’, astonishingly the site is not even authentic and reliable because as the site itself describes it as a discussion site and it is actually a discussion site, anyone can put up their writings .There may be lot more errors but this are the findings according to me and my fellow aspirants.
Note: the questions are taken from multiple blog, even multiple questions of public administration were copied from various blogs.
Now with all the mistakes pointed out, is it really a mistake which can be forgiven? No! I guess, because time and again they have been very successful in manifesting their incompetency and now it is time for the incompetent members to tender their resignation and leave the office for the extremely competent and intellect individuals. The whole exam was a mockery made out of us, especially the paper setter whosoever they may be but I am extremely confident that they thought the errors will never be caught , either they took us for granted or they thought we all are brainless creatures. Nonetheless there might be even a deeper conspiracy behind all of these.
A candidate