The quality of APCS exam questions

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to draw attention of the concerned authorities of APPSC in particular and aspiring candidates of APPSCE regarding the faulty prelims questions in GS and few optional papers. For instance, questions like:
92. which one of the following Indian states does not keep its own high court?
1. Orissa (established 1948)
2. Sikkim(1975)
3.Himachal Pradesh (1971)
4. Manipur (2013)
And the irony is all the options have their own high court whereas arunachal pradesh, nagaland and mizoram has its permanent bench under gauhati high court.
148. what is the position of Arunachal pradesh in Indian union , in terms of forest coverage?
1. 1st position
2. 5th position
3. 7th position
4. 3rd position
whereas, Arunachal pradesh stands 2nd largest in forest coverage in terms of area and 4th largest in terms of percentage in forest cover.
There are questions in public administration which doesnot bear the correct option and are irrelevant. Going through the optional paper, I found that the concerned board have just copy pasted questions from apps like scribed,, IAS exam portal and freeonline solved papers for Public administration without verifying and cross checking the questions and its answers from authentic prescribed text books for concerned paper. Google does provide all the correct answers. How are you going to evaluate with wrong options and wrong answers for the question?
Another question to ponder is how the so – called experts who prepared the question papers of optional papers did not maintain equality in levels of question type. The questions in Civil service exams should bear all levels of question types like, hard, moderate and easy.
For example, Papers for Geography and Economics had the easiest questions without theory portions, where all the candidates attempted 110-120 questions without any hardship whereas candidates with, history, public adm had questions of the hardest level.
Even I could solve 90 questions of geography and 67 questions of economics paper. Now I am doubtful about the fairness of the exam conducted. Is this discrimination just to pave ways for few selected candidates and not for all?
Bureaucracy and administration of Pakistan was never a relevant portion of indian administration in particular and public administration in general.
APPSC has always failed to meet up with its standards, efficiency and dignity in the last few years till present day. Its my earnest appeal to the APPSC exam experts to cross check the answers of the questions and let all deserving candidates have chance to sit for MAINS without denying their accountability with your faulty answers for the questions. Its WE, who are going to suffer for your bad and faulty management.