Questions lifted from internet

Dear Editor,
With thousands of aspirants toiling for the last many months and some even years, the quality of the questions in the APCS prelims left most of us extremely frustrated with its ambiguity and useless out of date questions.
It is found that 90% of the questions in GS and History optional are directly copy pasted form websites like,,,,,, among others.
On further analysis it is found that the answer options were not even changed in their sequence, raising further questions. These questions are qualified for a general knowledge fact based exams rather than a civil service optional paper where candidates are expected to have thorough knowledge of the concepts albeit with little bit of mugging up the facts.
This lackadaisical and ‘chalta-hai’ attitude of the question setters who directly lifted questions from internet will cost thousands of aspirants dearly, it seems they don’t have any idea of what is going on in the world and country at present and relevant in the current scenario at geopolitical level and what qualities of an aspiring civil servant should be tested to screen candidates in prelims. it seems they were confused between APPSC exams and other departmental exams and set questions on their whims and fancies. They could have taken help of the UPSC as it is mentioned in the constitution.
Further, the APPSC exams were conducted somewhat hurriedly considering many exams like RFO, EO exams which came out months before the APPSC exams have not been conducted yet rising further doubt on the commission’s integrity.
We appeal to every self respecting and hard-working candidates to come forward and find a solution to this unjust and unfair commission.