APPSC, Controversy and Way-forward

Dear Editor,
The Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) never fails to maintain its level of disappointment, and it has done it again, firstly, by including the name of Chakma students in ST category, and then, secondly, by setting bizarre and stupid questions for several optional subjects, and the general studies, where the height of silly mistakes crossed all limits. Now, the question is how APPSC is going to tackle the whole crisis, and come out of it.
The commission has itself accepted that there are mistakes, but it is, however, trying to come out of it, keeping the re-examination as the last resort. Its subsequent decision to constitute a committee of experts to look into the whole fiasco of flaws in question papers is commendable. At the same time, it must be noted that the mistakes can be read into by students and public alike, and given the current situation; the committee shall have to keep in mind that the scope of any recommendations to commission will be very narrow.
However, if the commission wishes to come out clean and satisfy any doubts, whatsoever, of thousands of students, the best step forward is to re-conduct the prelims. The other option is to reduce the cut-off marks of prelims so that maximum students can appear for the mains exam, and let the actual competition happen there. If possible the number of students appearing for the mains exams, should at-least be two or three times more than the prescribed ratio; so that, at the end, all may feel that a fair chance was given.
Or, else, if commission is thinking of going tough without taking account of the anger and frustration of students, it would only lead to further complication of the matter as the aggrieved students have the precedence before them of how peace procession and hunger strikes in the last exam forced the commission to re-conduct the whole written examination.
Therefore, finger is crossed to see the next move of the commission, and also the report of the committee that is about to be formed.
An angered and frustrated aspirant
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