What was so easy about Geography?

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would also like to contribute a few to the ongoing hullabaloos revolving around the recently conducted APPSCCE-2017 prelims exam. Well much has been said about optional papers of some subjects being very easy and the most pointed out victim is the geography paper which for some boastful Pandit is a Cakewalk and what not.
Let me start by saying that you people yourself chose the much easier subject with limited syllabus like Public Administration, Sociology etc and the APPSC never compelled you to choose the specific subject. It was totally up to you. Is it the Commissions’ fault that the luck was not on your side and the questions were a bit tougher this time in comparison to the previous easy years? Let me remind you that the year 2013 prelims was totally anti-geography. Did we even question or formed any aggrieved candidates union? No.
There are some shameless few who are boastfully claiming that he/she could solve some 105/130 questions of Geo paper even though his/her choice of optional was a different one. My friend, it definitely is easier solving the paper in the vicinity of your comfort zone with your smartphone nearby and with no time limit like in the exam Hall. I find your humour pleasant indeed.
As a friend correctly pointed out that it is the answers which are confusing, now I really feel that I need the help of those self proclaimed Pandits of Geography, because the ‘Buddhu’ me found the paper hard. Just because some ten questions were easy and direct doesn’t conclude that the whole paper was a Cakewalk. Why point out a particular subject when you failed to perform? Why shift the burden my friends? Walk the Shamewalk and accept the failure and the bitter truth; You Failed.
Everyone seems to be demanding for re-conduct of exams. What if the Commission accepts your idiotic demands and re-conducts the exam and you still find the papers tough? Will you people again form over-smart groups/associations and gherao the commissions’ office? Till when?
I request the commission to not fall for such idiotic demands and to declare the results soon by granting the full marks for all the mistakes and wrong questions. And, who said copy-paste is a crime as long as the question are in syllabus and corresponds to the subject I find it apt. Not because I am going to surely hit the bull’s eye this prelims but as a small public servant, I already sacrificed my Christmas/New Year leave for this exam and I can’t afford to lose anymore.
Lastly, please try to respect the sentiments of those Geography candidates who did not perform and are still wondering in disbelief as to what was so easy about Geography paper.
A cakey Geography candidate