A talent show

Dear Editor,
A talent show In the modern era has become the key factor in the discovery of the ability and capacity of a person. It is of tremendous help to the people with variety of talents. Such platform helps the people especially to build their future upon their hobbies. Such initiatives has been seen in our own state In various occassions. But the one witnessed in the “Roing Gots Talent” was one of its kind and it was never seen before in the history of talents shows.
According to the participants, they were handed with three booklets of ticket each. But most importantly, the condition was that, the participant who sold all of those ticket would get through to the next round.
Now the question is that…what is this show about? Why it is not an entrepreneurship competition instead of talent show? How far people will go for money?
It is true that money is required inorder to host such a programme but what a talent show it would be where the talents got dumped under the price of ticket?
A citizen