Isolated from the mainstream

Dear Editor,
Your editorial, “Persons with disabilities and India” (December 4, 2017) is right in pointing out that the persons with disabilities are still isolated from the mainstream of the society. If we want to keep pace with the modern times, we must give our differently abled brothers and sisters enough opportunities to do justice to their talents. In the journey of evolution ~ after minerals; plants and animals; ~ human beings happened. And human beings are slowly realizing that they are to do better than the animals ~ not by fighting like them or with them ~ but by throwing the very “survival of the fittest theory” to a jungle where liberty is limited to the fittest brutes only.
Moreover, who is unfit? Our outlook is changing every day. We are improving our judgement on a person’s physical or mental disability from a Disabled person to a Physically Challengedperson and now for the first time in a very positive manner ~ as a Differently Abled person. This is the reason why Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder are shining equally bright in our Who’s Who with other so called fittest persons.
Sujit De,