Khwahish: A tender film about social changes

NAHARLAGUN, Dec 8: Keen observation would help realize that the young generation of Arunachal Pradesh is passing through a transitional phase to adopt modernity by changing their traditional lifestyles.
This perhaps had drawn the attention of Superintending Engineer NL Kamin, whose hidden creativity steered his psyche to produce Khwahish, a film that truly justifies the fast changing social spectrum of indigenous people still leading a traditional life in far-flung and remote areas to sustain on nature’s mercy as gatherers and hunters.
After listening from Kamin, Nilam Talo wrote the story and script. Kamin on learning about this, decided to translate it to silver screen, named it Khwahish and turned its producer. His beloved life partner, Likha Nap pitched in to be the executive producer.
As there is no dearth of talented actors and actresses, their search zeroed down to Heri Sonu (heroine), Neelam Abhey (hero), Neelam Kapa, Yangfo Kapa, Tar Yajo and Licha Aka, while support poured in from many quarters including by former home minister Neelam Taram, RWD SE T K Tagin, APSCS chairman Toko Kach, to name a few.
Story of any film by creating sense of self belongingness in the minds of viewers not only leaves a lasting impression but ensure its success to help it to hit the box office. The film’s premier show in a hotel at Naharlagun on Thursday evening not only proved talents of the actors, story writer and director but showcased as to how Arunachalee young generations were caught in present WhatsApp and Twitter mania.
Sonu belongs to a middle class family while Abhey of a rich parents of Deed village of Lower Subansiri district, but both were sent to Itanagar for higher education when they fell in love. Interestingly, mobile was the medium of their love which they continued to make best use while returning to their remote village. Sonu’s little read parents still leading traditional life were oblivious that their daughter was bitten by love bug. Abhey’s parents though rich and own a RCC building and costly vehicle but were no exception either.
Contrary to the age-old tradition of giving away daughter for a price through numerous rituals, to which the bride and groom are totally unaware, Sonu and Abhey had crossed the traditional barrier to see dream of a golden future as husband and wife!
But the rest is huge question mark whether they succeeded to marry each other will be known to the willing viewers as the film will be released here on Saturday.
Addressing the gathering including the film crew, IPR Parliamentary Secretary Mama Natung as chief guest said that film, a part of media, is a unique medium having tremendous capacity to influence minds to bring sweeping changes and reform the society. A click of a film could achieve which is well neigh impossible through numerous efforts by elders of a society, he reasoned.
Arunachalees from Longding to Tawang are kisise kum nehi and doing wonderfully in their respective fields. However, the need of the hour is to respect the works by realizing their value, he said to underscore the dignity of labour.
“Do whatever you are doing in the best possible capacity with commitment and success would embrace you tomorrow, if not today,” he made a fervent appeal to the GenNext.
While congratulating Khwahish team for gifting a film with real life story, he encouraged state’s all film makers to not surrender if the first film fails but continue the journey to reach the goal, he said without mincing any word.
Responding to pleas of Arunachal Pradesh Film Federation president Chopa Cheda and senior journalist Pradeep Kumar that the GoAP was yet to extend any financial help to film makers except promises, Natung said that the GoAP is well aware of problems confronting the film makers and media. That is why the upcoming Film Institute at Jote is an initiative of the GoAP, he said and sought a proposal highlighting demands for the GoAP to consider allocating fund in next budget, he assured.
Chopa earlier said that former CMs Nabam Tuki and late Kalikho Pul had promised fund on many occasions which proved to be lip-service only. The local film producers spent huge fund to develop a film but get discouraged due to loss because of only two film halls in the state and no help of the GoAP, he pinpointed. There is no dearth of talented artists but lack of financers and sponsors, state’s filmdom has failed to grow, he added.
While reverberating Chopa’s views, Kamin suggested short films in local dialects with sub-titles for cost effectiveness and higher chance of profitability.
Numerous video halls showing Bollywood films is the main cause of loss of local films makers, senior journalist Pradeep Kumar said and urged the GoAP to regulate all video halls which run with license by permitting few Bollywood films in a weak but making local films mandatory daily. License of any video hall violating the guidelines should be cancelled and owners of those halls secretly screening blue movies should be stringently punished for vitiating the young minds. This alone would facilitate growth of film, he added.