Committee reiterates demand for Boleng as Siang headquarters

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: The Siang District headquarters Selection Committee, (SDHSC) on Saturday reiterated its demand to the state government for early declaration of Boleng as the permanent headquarters of Siang district, considering the past recommendations by various committees.
Referring to its meeting held in August 2012, the committee claimed that selection of Boleng as the headquarters had been finalized in that meeting, which had been chaired by Tagom Tasing and Tapang Tamut, Vice Chairman SDHSC.
‘The Siang District Re-organization Intellectual Forum had also on 20 December, 2014 in its report recommended Boleng as the most feasible place for establishing the district’s headquarters, the Headquarters of Siang District,’ the SDHSC stated in a press release.
It also claimed that in the joint meeting of leaders of Pangin-Boleng, held in January 2014, the leaders present had expressed their support and proposed the same.
Terming the government notification declaring Nyobo (Perang-Lampang) as the temporary headquarters of Siang as ‘unjustified,’ the committee blamed former Education Minister Tapang Taloh for the chaos, alleging that the problem cropped up under his guidance and direction.