Giving hope-Arunachal Vivekananda Yuva Shakti

Dear Editor,
Day after day we read about rising crime rates in our state, and receive news of peoples’ misdoings and the harsh social and political conditions under which our society struggles to thrive. In the midst of all these I have seen a ray of light in our chaotic society.
I would like to cast some light on one of the greatest achievements of our young generation in our present society. My family hails from Aalo. I am a lucky man; a happy husband to a lovely woman and a proud father to a very young daughter. But misfortunes fell upon us when, in 2013, I was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a bone marrow disorder. I was referred to CMC, Vellore where doctors prescribed me medicines for my ailment. A bone marrow transplant might have cured my ailment permanently but we could not afford all the medical charges which amounted to more than 30 lakhs. So I had to make do with the prescribed medicines but my conditions went from bad to worse. Earlier I received 7 units of O+ve blood daily and you can imagine how hard those 7 units would have been to come by. Currently I receive four blood transfusions every month.
My struggle for survival would have been much harder had I not met the young boys and girls of Arunachal Vivekananda Yuva Shakti in 2015. We had heard about them from a friend and with little hope, called them for help.
We were surprised by their quick response and their dedication to help me and I was even more surprised when I found out that the people who helped me were college going students. Since then, for the past three years, they have been a part of my family. Theirs is the force which is driving me forward in my battle against my disease. The noble and humane services, which they render, are beyond comparison.
AVYS has been working in the challenging field of voluntary blood donation for the past nine years. They spread the message of unity and brotherhood with each blood donation. While we are squabbling among ourselves over our tribal and religious differences, these young boys and girls have taught us that the biggest religion is ‘humanity’. They organise numerous blood donation camps all over the year for needy patients. Every day the team receives numerous calls from all over the state asking for their help and they never fail to deliver. I once forwarded their contact to a friend of mine who was in need of blood and as expected, they responded swiftly and efficiently. He too was moved by their selflessness and sacrifice. The young boys and girls of AVYS encouraged him and other people to be voluntary blood donors as well. There are many like me who will tell about their services to our state. With AVYS there to back us up in case of emergencies, we can now rest assured that they will always be there to watch over our backs.
Despite all their services, Arunachal Pradesh still take them for granted. It is a matter of shame for our state that their work is not being promoted to a greater degree. People will only realise their importance and dedication when someday they will have to be in my shoes. Today it is me who is need of their help but tomorrow it may be one of you. Let us not fall this precious organisation in the ruins. The lives of many people like me are at stake here. As such it is my humble request to our state govt. that such organisations be promoted and all necessary help be provided to them so that they continue to render their noble services to our people.
I ask you this questions my fellow Arunachalees: “Are we so ignorant that we fail to see the good in our society? Should we not lend our shoulders to such organisations and lift them up?” I know that I speak for many people when I say that we owe the organisation a great deal. We have given them much less than they deserve.
I pray that my words do not fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.
Geto Ngomdir