Undue advantage

Dear Editor,
The recent proposal for changes in the APPSCCE preliminary examination has created lot of anxiety among the aspirants. If the proposal is accepted, it would give undue advantage to Science graduates especially Engineering graduates at the cost of non- science graduates. Advertisement for Junior Engineer/ Assistant Engineers comes out regularly in our state where only the Engineering graduates can apply. Again, for posts like LDC/UDC there is a compulsory Elementary Maths paper which gives an upper hand to the Engineering graduates or Science graduates. Now, if this is the situation, where will the large number of Arts students go? There are thousands and thousands of Unemployed Arts graduates in our state which forms the maximum number that keeps on increasing because they remain at disadvantage as the examination pattern favours the Science graduates. Although, we understand that conducting exam by replacing each optional paper with a common Aptitude paper will be much more easier for the APPSC but, are we ready for such a sudden change? The APPSC need to introspect. Even if the APPSC has decided to change the pattern, then we request the learned members to scrap the Statistics portion of Mains paper-2 because paper-2 of Preliminary examination and Statistics portion of Mains Paper-2 covers relatively same thing and if it is not scrapped, science graduates will get an upper hand over their non-science counterparts and the concept of level playing field will not be there. Same has been done by UPSC. Since the introduction of CSAT in place of Optional Paper in Preliminary examination, the UPSC scrapped the Statistics portion from paper-2. This is a very genuine act by the UPSC made after careful consideration and we request our learned APPSC members to follow suit if they are going to replace Optional Paper with Aptitude Paper. Without scrapping Statistics portion of Paper-2, introduction of Aptitude Paper will be meaningless and a grave injustice to Every Non-science graduate which would not be tolerated at any cost. We hope the learned APPSC members are aware of this and will do the needful changes accordingly.