Committee demands deletion of refugees’ names from electoral rolls

NAMSAI, Dec 23: The District Students’ Unions’ Coordination Committee of Namsai, Changlang and Papum Pare (DSUs CCNCPP) on Saturday demanded immediate deletion of names of Chakma and Hajongs voters from the electoral rolls.
They demanded the deletion of Chakma and Hajong voters’ names from the electoral rolls of Doimukh, Chowkham, Bordumsa-Diyun and Miao assembly constituencies before January 15, 2018, failing which the DSUs CCNCPP said it would launch a democratic movement against the state government.
Earlier, on Friday, a joint coordination meeting of the DSUs and various other student organizations and CBOs of Chakma and Hajong refugee-affected districts was held at Namsai under the Chairmanship of All Namsai District Students’ Union President, Chau Sengkhun Manchey.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the All Papum Pare District Students’ Union, the All Namsai District Students’ Union, the All Lohit District Students’ Union, the All Changlang District Students’ Union, the All Mishmi Students’ Union, the All Nyishi Students’ Union, the All Tai Khampti Singpho Students’ Union, and the Core Committee on Chakma and Hajong Refugee (CCCHR), Lohit.
According to information provided by the DSUs CCNCPP, the total number of Chakma and Hajong voters enrolled in the electoral rolls without citizenship registration proof in Namsai, Papum Pare and Changlang district is 11230 (Namsai 514, Papum Pare 632, Changlang 10084), which includes both new and old electors.