Commendable step against irregular appointments

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, TET SSA teachers of Arunachal Pradesh would like to express our heartiest gratitude to Chief Secretary, Chief Minister and the SIC team for their commendable step initiated against the recent irregular appointments of teachers under Department of Elementary Education.
As we all know corruption is deeply rooted and has become a culture, which is being practiced in broad day light, especially in the department of education, in Arunachal Pradesh. One or the other way someone somewhere has been victimized and deprived by means of corruption. In most of the cases voices of the deprived are shut and suppressed by means of life threat and political power.
However, to everyone’s utter surprise, Secretary Education, Hazimul Haque issued an order on 21st December last for cancellation of govt. order no. AR/SSA/ESTT/APTET & CTET Regu/Teachers/2017-18 dated 7th December 2017, which can be viewed as bold and exemplary step for the first time in the history of Arunachal Pradesh against Corruption and the corrupt.
We almost lost hope in the present system of administration but CS and CM came as a boon to our aggrieved and hopeless hearts. The honorable CS heard our call against corrupt practices in the shortest notice ever even before we could think of seeking legal help. This proves that our state is in the safe hands of able and honest executives like Mr Satya Gopal (IAS).
We would like to appeal the authority concerned to take appropriate action against the officials and everyone involved in the recent irregular appointments under department of education.
We are very positive that future remedial measures would be taken to cleanse and free our state from corruption and the corrupt under able guidance of honest executives and administrators we have.
TET SSA Teachers