A letter to Sadiya-Dhola bridge tourists

Dear Editor,
I am from Roing and my homeland lies in the midst of abundant natural beau-ty; hills around us has a story of how our ancestors travel through the snow clad and mystifying jungles to reach the place which is now our homeland.
The beauty of surrounding reveal itself, day and night.
The admiration for our land and it’s magical charisma has never faded but the recent developing facts has made us to press the button of caution.
Our much desire to see the Sadiya-Dhola bridge was fulfilled and what happened afterwards surely needs to retell again and again until the tourists realize that what they are indulging in is no less than the causes for the deteriorating atmosphere of Delhi.
My biggest concern is the tourists of the nearby area visiting our place in the garb of tourists, as their utterly carelessness and negligence put them under a different shade of tourists.
They visit our place with one motto i.e, soak, enjoy and puke.
Now, I am not trying to say that all are same, there are many who want to soak, praise the beauty of our homeland but considering the high gravitational pull of the otherwise, I am compelled to keep aside the good one and concentrate on bad one.
When they arrive, their vehicle is full with all the required utensils and, unnecessary plastic and bottles.
When they arrive, the noise around gets louder as even when the road is empty, the driver will honk and honk with speedy driving.
One thing I am very ashamed of my homeland is the abundance of wine shop, hence they also arrive with motto to drink alcohol and merry around.
Since the day, the bridge saw its first light of the day the people under the garb of tourist started popping up everywhere; they dump a ton of garbage around.
Because of which our place is speedily losing its beauty; all its vibrancy and colours are fading away.
The highway which was made for journey is now made for destination; a destiny to reach deathbed or medical.
An open road often invites a thought which says, it’s my road and I am alone. Such thought is the causes of many accidents and this is what is happening now endangering the life of many people.
I can proudly say that my district must be in the top of road mishaps.
Dear tourists, you are our guest, and as we always believe in “Atihi devo bhava” we always keep our door open.
Please don’t indulge in reckless driving, show your civic sense, not ill-mannered sense.
Respect the natural beauty and the feelings of local people.
T Menjo