Reservation for students

Dear Editor,
We must not forget India has the second largest rail network in the world. With with the fact that 23 million passengers a day ride trains, it is no surprise that trains often runs overcrowded that we can often see passengers hanging out the side. In this huge crowd there are a large number of students that travel by train in weekdays daily to their schools, colleges and also during weekends to give important exams. Mainly during weekdays students face a lot of problems especially in local passengers train. Many take extraordinary risks on their daily commutes by hanging out the doors and windows in moving trains. The future of the nation risks their lives to study in schools and colleges and pass through a either live or die situation. Due to the overcrowding of the trains there are a huge number of accidents. Railways must make one compartment reserved only for students. They has already made ladies compartment and made ladies special train also. This will not only facilitate students to travel comfortably while travelling to their learning centre but also will reduce the huge crowd in the train as most of the students carry heavy bag with them, due to their heavy bags other passengers often feel disturbed and also get hurt when huge pressure comes due to overcrowding. Many students also have to book taxis and cars on the exam days to avoid the huge crowd. Separate compartment will ease our future generation and will also attract more students to travel in their reserved train coach.
Arnab Dey,