Anti-tobacco, oral cancer awareness campaign held

AALO, Jan 5: Awareness campaigns on the harmful effects of tobacco consumption and oral cancer were organized at Yigi-Kaum village and at the government secondary school in Pobdi in West Siang district by the District Tobacco Control Cell on 3 and 4 January.
Dr Jego Ori from Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences highlighted the different types of oral cancer and the harmful effects of tobacco consumption, as well as its remedies. He also presented a brief on the COTPA.
Social activist Jarjum Ete Gamlin spoke on the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene to lead a disease-free life. She provided nail cutters to the students of Yigi-Kaum school, and sweaters to a few students.
Social worker Obang Mize said that smoking any form of tobacco is hazardous to health.
A film on tobacco addiction and effects of secondhand smoke was also screened.
Students, teachers, public, panchayat members and retired PHED secretary Tomi Ete were present at the programme.