Support the nation builder

The allegation of human right violation leveled by Border Roads Organisation’s (BRO) labour union against BRO officials is deeply disturbing and should be thoroughly investigated. Massive numbers of labourers are working under BRO in several parts of the country. Most of them are working in extremely difficult environment. Lack of basic facilities and low wage makes life difficult for the BRO workers. Also the majority of projects undertaken by BRO are in hilly region like Kashmir, Himachal and North East India where conditions can be quite hostile.
The BRO labour union has for the first time publicly raised the allegation of human right violation. In the past people discreetly spoke about the difficulty faced by the labourers working under it. The authorities concern should take note of it and give justice to the hard working labourers. Both central and state government should intervene in the greater interest of the labour class. There is urgent need to improve the condition of labourers working under BRO. They should be provided with basic amenities and their wages too should be reviewed on regular basis. Also the children of labourers who have to constantly move along with their parents need special attention. Government should take care of their education and other needs. These labourers are true nation builder and it is the duty of every citizen to help them.