Can Rijiju be trusted?

For a long time, the politicians in the state have been using the Chakma-Hajong refugee issue for their political benefits. Therefore it was not surprising for the majority of Arunachalis when union Earth Sciences Minister Kiren Rijiju was caught off-guard on this issue by his BJP colleague and Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. During the campaigning in the state, Rijiju had claimed that the Assam government had agreed to resettle Chakma-Hajong refugees in Assam and that he had spoken to the Assam CM in this regard.

Much to his embarrassment, the Assam CM stated that the government of India has not initiated any conversation with the Assam government about the possibility of resettling Chakma and Hajong in the state, and that Rijiju might have made the statement in the context of Arunachal politics. The media and opposition had a field day as a statement exposed the differences between two top leaders of the BJP from the NE region. This shows that all is not well between Sarma and Rijiju. Both are considered to be the BJP’s heavyweight leaders from the region. Apart from exposing their differences, these statements are a matter of worry for the people of Arunachal. Can we trust whatever Rijiju speaks about the Chakma-Hajong issue in the future? His own colleague is stating that he is not speaking the truth. So, how can the people of Arunachal trust his words on this sensitive refugee issue?