Against exploitation

Dear Editor,
Hats off to your editorial titled, “Support the nation builder” (Jan 8, 2018) for addressing hard working labourers as nation builders and highlighting the difficulties facing by Border Roads Organi-sation (BRO) workers in the form of low wage, lack of basic facilities and human rights. Indeed, those hard working nation builders of unorganised sector must be provided with social security at par with their counterparts in organised sector.
Every worker of unorganised sector is entitled to get at least basic human rights. It is horrifying to see construction workers are doing life-threatening jobs without having minimum safety protection and insurance coverage. Shop assistants in a mall are made to work more than eight hours a day. They are being forced to hand over their mobile phones during working hours. Being totally disconnected, they cannot provide help to their families in crisis situations. Sometimes, they are being denied even to go to toilet.
When will they be allowed to enjoy the “Fundamental Right against Exploitation” as enshrined in Article 23 of the Constitution of India?
Sujit De,