Is this the way an independent SIT functions ?

Dear Editor,
In response to the news published on 22nd January 2018 on Ngurang Pinch’s death case, the family would like to respond and question the Police Department’s (SIT) claims presented in the media.
To begin with the statement provided by police,
”The Police further informed that the post-mortem report says that the reason of the death was drowning and that the report does not mention any details of injuries’. This statement has come as a shock to the family as we are not aware of any post mortem report so far. We have been demanding to have a copy of the report since the last two months, as it is the right of the family to demand one. We had even written a letter to the DGP on the same but there was no response to it. How is it possible that the PM report was published on the paper prior to family’s knowledge?
Secondly, there were apparent injuries on late Pinch’s body, why are they not mentioned by the doctors? We have photographs with fresh injury; a wound on the lower lips and swollen necks on the right side, just below the ear. The photos were provided to the SIT’s as well. Such passive response about the PM report especially now by publishing it in the media, has not been taken well and has made the family members raise concerns about the report’s credibility.
Thirdly, it has been exactly 66 days since Pinch’s death and there has been only three arrests so far. Pinch’s death has been booked under section 302/34 (IPC), it is a non-cognizable and non-bailable offence. We demand all the twenty suspects to be arrested and they should be made to undergo a custodial interrogation as the SIT themselves have said, ” We have not found a concrete lead yet”.
The SIT should consider doing narcotic test on the suspects to accelerate the ongoing investigations, including the seven girls. Where are the girls, why have they been not arrested?
Then, why is the investigation moving at a snail’s phase? We are concerned that the motivation to solve the case is evidently weak here. Should the victim have been the DIG/ DGP/Home Minister, what would your response be?
The delay in the ongoing investigation is allowing the suspects to have ample time to apply for anticipatory bails.
The EE Techi Ramda is enlarged on bail due to the delay in arresting him. Is this the way an independent SIT functions?
What is important to observe here with the ongoing investigations is that, all the three arrested (Abraham, Tongke and Nega) UTP’s are socially, economically and politically weak. Why are the former ministers and the govt. employees not arrested yet? Are laws not universal and one for all or is Arunachal police afraid of them?
It was also mentioned in your paper that, Nega was the lone person who knew how to handle the boat. We would like to correct you that Bamang Taji, Bamang Galang, Biri Tadung, Nabam Tame and Panye Issac were few among many who were well versed with rafting as they frequently go on such rafting expeditions. And Panye Isaac was seen to be using the bamboo boat for catching fish the whole night.
Lastly, the family members would like to remind that we have been immensely patient and cooperative with the SIT and their investigation. We have also given them enough time to carry out their investigation.
Family of Late Pinch