Responsible tourism

Dear Editor,
When tourism destinations become a menace, we need help of local people to bring awareness and at the same time cleaning the dismal scenario created by the tourist.
Karnataka state had been aggressively promoting tourist, but in an unplanned manner.
We had done the same but in return was paid with huge uncontrolled tourism.
Kodagu in Karnataka is facing the overcrowding, dumping of garbage, damaging of nature and above all alienation of local residents by the huge number of tourists.
Roing is experiencing the same wrath because of uncivilized tourists. There is regular traffic jam, pollution and local are feeling lost in the midst of careless tourism.
The positive side of this sudden influx of tourists is the livelihood it provides to local people, developing the local economy.
But as witness, the locals are certainly brimming with anger and frustration over the careless attitude of tourists and if nothing is done, the state may witness unsolicited and unwanted incidents.
It is high time that government do something about it.
May be follow what other state has done to tackle this sudden unplanned tourism and join hand with local orga-nisation to stop tourists from damaging nature.
We certainly cannot stop tourists from entering but at the same time we cannot allow them to dump wastage, pollute our rivers, and create havoc.
Talu Menjo